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If you ever dealt with a computer, you had to master the blind typing method. You’ll agree that it’s rather boring and uninteresting if not to say hard and unbearable. Stamina 2.5 offers a brand new philosophy. Of course, you can study the blind typing method not easy and quickly but with pleasure and fun. All the functions and settings of this program aim to ease the learning process.
Its interface is user-friendly, beautiful and stylish, and you can change it as you like. You can add your own background picture, change the color of the running text field, the background and border of the keyboard, the additional board.
One of the essential elements of the program is well-made learning process. The process consists of several modes. The first mode, Lessons, helps you to learn the key layout. This mode is intended for the beginners. And the second mode, Phrases, is for the advanced users to increase the typewriting speed and quality. The phrases are taken from various sources. Most of them are very cheerful and could evoke a smile on your face to raise your spirits. The other modes, Letters from Phrases, All characters etc. help you to improve your skill, to type automatically without involving consciousness. The program enables to edit the lessons. So you can make your own lessons. The learning process is perfectly accompanied with a special function, Progress, which helps you to look through your typing results and the main statistics to control your learning process.
The program has different settings and possibilities for your comfort. Everything that one can change you can change in this program: music, sounds, color, speed, frequency etc.
It’s worth saying the developer of the program special thanks for the admirable help. It’s adequately large, informative and useful. What is equally important, that it is also unusual and humorous.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • The program with a sense of humour
  • Free to download
  • Multi-user support
  • Alternative key layout


  • The help is only in Russian
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